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Buying Guns Online

Buying a gun online is easy. Contrary to what some may believe, doing so does not create a loophole that allows a person to avoid doing a background check. You can purchase a gun online just like any other product. However, it cannot be shipped directly to you. Every gun purchased online is shipped to a licensed firearms dealer, where the buyer can pick it up. Below we'll detail the most commonly asked questions when it comes to buying a gun online.

Can I buy a gun online?

Yes, you can purchase a gun online just like any other product. The only difference is that we cannot ship a firearm directly to you. A firearm must be shipped to a licensed firearms dealer, where you can pick it up.

Can you ship a firearm to my house?

No, we cannot ship a firearm to your house, unless you have an FFL.

What is an FFL?

An "FFL" is a Federal Firearms License. These licenses are commonly held by gun stores, pawn shops, and sporting goods stores. However, there are also many individuals that hold an FFL.

How do I choose an FFL to have my gun shipped to?

With thousands of dealers across the country, there's a good chance you have a few nearby. You can find one by searching the FFL database linked here:

When you place your order with us, the FFL Dealer Locator will let you choose a licensed dealer to have your firearm shipped to. Out of courtesy to the receiving dealer, it is always recommended that you contact them to inquire about any possible transfer fees and to make any necessary arrangements for picking up your firearm.

Do I have to contact the FFL dealer?

Yes, you must contact the FFL dealer you've chosen to make them aware of the transfer and to make any necessary arrangements for picking up your firearm. It is also recommended that you inquire about any possible transfer fees they may charge.

By not contacting the dealer, there is a higher chance that the dealer will not accept your firearm, or that the dealer will not be available when the package is expected to arrive. If the firearm is returned to us for one of these reasons, additional shipping charges and/or return fees may apply.

Do I have to fill out a background check?

Yes, but not through us. Any necessary paperwork and background check is completed between you, the actual buyer/transferee, and the receiving dealer. This is usually done at the time you pick up your firearm.

What types of Identification do I need to bring with me when picking up a firearm?

  • To purchase a long gun (Rifle, Shotgun) you just need to bring a valid state issued ID like a driver’s license. If you have a State issued Concealed Carry Permit, bring that as well as it will streamline the process.
  • To purchase a handgun (Semi-auto, revolver, AR-Pistol, AK-Pistol) you just need to bring a valid state issued ID like a driver’s license. If you have a State issued Concealed Carry Permit, bring that as well as it will streamline the process.

How will I know when my gun is ready to be picked up?

When first contacting the dealer you've chosen, it is recommended that you make arrangements with them to pick up your firearm. When we ship your firearm, we include your contact information in the package. Most dealers will use this information to notify you once the firearm is ready to be picked up.

Some dealers may require extra time before a firearm is ready to be picked up. If you see that the package has been delivered, but you haven't received a call from the dealer, you may also contact them yourself to inquire when the firearm will be ready.

Can I return a firearm?

Any firearm purchased from Down Range Guns can be returned to us, provided that it hasn't been picked up from the receiving FFL dealer.

While the firearm is still in the possession of the FFL dealer, please inspect the firearm thoroughly to ensure that there are no visible defects. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please contact us before accepting the transfer of the firearm from your dealer. We can arrange to have it returned to us, and upon delivery and careful inspection of the firearm, we will provide you with your choice of either a replacement, if available, or a refund of the firearm.

Return and/or restocking fees up to $50 per firearm may be deducted from your refund depending on the reason for return.

You can reach us at 980-494-3020 Monday-Friday between 10am and 6pm, Saturdays 11am – 6pm Eastern time. We will be happy to work through any issues you may have.

Understand the Law

Understanding Federal, State, and Local laws are vital to remaining compliant with firearms regulations. Please use the following links to brush up on the laws that you need to comply with to remain a law bidding citizen. 

Transfer Fee

  • We charge $25 to transfer a firearm. This includes both Handguns and Long Guns. 
  • We charge $75 to transfer a NFA item.(Suppressor,SBR)

Layaway is Available

Our Layaway program is designed to allow you to take advantage of our huge savings even if you do not have the funds immediately available. Due to the nature of sales from our distributors, from time to time we are able to offer significant discounts. However, we recognize that customers who want to take advantage of these sales are not always able to immediately fund these purchases. With our layaway program, 25% down will get you 90 days to pay the balance.

Starting a layaway plan for your gun is fairly painless. Simply call us and let us know you would like to make a layaway purchase and we'll take your info and start the process. All Layaway purchases and subsequent payments must be processed via phone call or in store. The fee is just $25.00 and we require a minimum order of $500.00. A simple 25% down payment is all that is required to reserve inventory.

PLEASE NOTE: NFA Items are not eligible for the layaway program.

Refund and Return Policy

Warranty Information

Most new products ship with a full manufacturer warranty. All warranty claims must be processed directly through the manufacturer. Other products come as-is with no warranty. All warranties are through the manufacturer and not Down Range Guns. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Returns & Exchanges

All firearm sales are final once transferred, so please make sure you order the correct item. Once your firearm arrives at your transferring dealer, please inspect it thoroughly before completing the transfer paperwork. If there is any damage to the firearm, please contact us immediately and DO NOT complete the transfer paperwork. If you take delivery of the firearm and later find an issue, it will need to be sent back directly to the manufacturer for repairs. We will help you coordinate a claim if needed, but any warranty expenses will need to be worked out between you and the manufacturer directly. If the weapon is found to be defective while still at the dealer, we will get the weapon shipped back to us and do our best to replace the item, offer you an alternative, or issue a refund depending on availability.

If you have received a damaged or defective item, please contact us immediately for assistance. All other returns, exchanges, or cancellations are at our sole discretion and may be subject to a $50 restocking fee. When exchanging an item, if that item is no longer available then a refund will be issued. Refunds will not be issued until we have received the item.

If we erroneously sent you the wrong item, please accept our apology as we do our best to ensure accuracy. If this does happen, please contact us immediately so we can quickly correct this for you. If this is a firearm requiring a transfer, leave the weapon with the dealer and DO NOT TRANSFER it into your name. Once it has transferred, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. All firearm sales are final once transferred.

All returns must be coordinated with Down Range Guns within 15 days of receipt. Please contact customer service for an RMA# as we cannot receive the return without this. When exchanging an item, the new item will not be shipped until the old item is received.